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Hi all!

Not as much happened this week in the AI-world so today’s newsletter will be a shorter read. In this week’s issue:

  • Make sleek interactive charts with Graphy, my product of the week

  • Practice your interview skills with an AI

  • Dwelly walks you through the home buying process

  • Plus, a deep dive into the innovations powering this decade's AI boom


After testing dozens of new AI products this week. Here’s my top pick.

Graphy: Sleek interactive charts with AI insights. What I like about Graphy is that it helps you produce visually appealing charts that are also interactive. Meaning you can hover over a data point in the chart and besides showing you what the precise value for that data point it will also show you day over day change or whatever is relevant to that chart. Pretty cool.

It also can give you an AI generated summary of the key insights from the data. It’s not as robust as something like ChatGPT’s Code Explorer, but it’s simple and effective.

Last but not least, it’s got a handy share link that makes it easy for anyone to view and interact with your chart.

Here’s a funnel report I made for Reddit’s posting flow (something I did often when I was the product lead for Reddit’s posting experience). Obviously I’m using dummy data here. Click the image to view the interactive version on Graphy!

And here’s a 4 minute Loom video of me walking through Graphy and building that chart.


Two more AI products that are worth your time.

Interviews by AI: Practice your interview skills with an AI. I’ve seen a couple of versions of this concept, but I think Interviews by AI has done the best. It’s very simple. You paste in the job posting. Then the AI generates a few questions for you that are based off of the job requirements. The cool part is that you record yourself giving a 1-minute answer and the AI grades your response.

Dwelly: A conversational AI that helps homebuyers. My former colleague at Reddit, Samantha Carow, left the company in 2021 to co-found DwellWell. They help improve the home buying experience by educating first time-buyers, providing tools, and connecting folks to experts. Over the past two years, DwellWell has built up a wealth of knowledge on the often complicated process. This week they put that knowledge into a conversation AI called Dwelly to make it even easier for first-time homebuyers to learn about the process. I spent all day yesterday asking it questions, and it was able to answer most of them. But it was also good about telling me when it didn’t know the answer, rather than make something up as some other chatbots are known to do…


Some other notable news and product launches from this week.

Chinese tech giant Baidu is now rolling out an AI venture fund of $145m with a focus on generative AI.

Google’s Bard will now provide images in responses to illustrate concepts and give you a richer experience.

Microsoft has released an AI meeting aid called "Intelligent Recap" that generates meeting notes, recommended tasks, personalized highlights, action items, and timestamps for Teams Premium meetings.

Asana, the workplace productivity experts, announced their entry into AI. They are less focused on the usual stuff, like better meeting notes, instead opting to focus on leveraging AI to give you recommendations on how to remove bottlenecks, reallocate resources, and build new workflows so that you hit your goals.

Perplexity, an excellent AI search engine that includes citations, is now available on Android. I highlighted it back in March and have been using the iOS app frequently. Go wild Android users!

Another high-profile open letter warning about AI’s risk was published and includes signatures from Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. Sort of feels like Sam is trying to play both sides.


If you only read one thing this week let it be this.

The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence by Anna-Sofia Lesiv

"With recent advances in machine learning, we could be entering a period of technological progression more impactful than the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revolution combined. The development of transformer architectures and massive deep learning models trained on thousands of GPUs has led to the emergence of smart, complex programs capable of understanding and producing language in a manner indistinguishable from humans. The notion that text is a universal interface that can encode all human knowledge and be manipulated by machines has captivated mathematicians and computer scientists for decades. The massive language models that have emerged in the previous handful of years alone are now proof that these thinkers were onto something deep..." CONTRARY


A highlight of cool people doing cool things.

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Until next week!

-✌🏻 Tyler

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