Tech Proves Me Wrong, And I Liked It!

Self Driving Cars For Real, The Almost Product of The Week, and more!

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Happy Friday! We’re back for another issue. Strap in, because this one is a big one!

In this week’s issue:

  • Product of the Week

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  • Tech Does It Again! 😁 


After testing dozens of AI products this week. Here’s my report!

This week’s standout product is, a platform that seamlessly turns your audio and video files into polished, engaging content with a mere few clicks. Imagine the ease of transforming lengthy recordings into concise, insightful summaries, or turning a drab interview into a dynamic video reel — makes it possible.

What sets apart isn't just its robust transcription capabilities; it's the intelligent AI that drives the entire platform. With the ability to handle over 120 languages, this tool is a boon for global teams and content creators aiming to reach a diverse audience. Its got subtitling, its got built in visual edits for animated accents - it’s all about giving you the ability to generate social media-ready clips, and assets, and follow through with detailed analytics, and beautiful audiograms. Did I mention the UI is quite user-friendly?

Getting started with is as easy as uploading your media files. From there, the platform offers various automated services such as generating transcripts, subtitles, and even full blog posts. It’s perfect for marketers, educators, and anyone in between who deals with digital content on a daily basis. It’ll come to no surprise to you that reviewers across many platforms have praised its ease of use and the efficiency it brings to their workflows, highlighting how it drastically reduces the time spent on content production​.

After an upload, a world of possibilities opens up!

The Exemplary AI Experience

During my test run, I was particularly impressed with’s 'no-code' approach, which allows even the most technologically unsavvy users to benefit from its features. The interface is clean and straightforward, guiding you through each step with intuitive controls and helpful tips.

A cornerstone of the conversation has to be its customizable features. Whether you're repurposing a webinar for a training session or extracting key points from a conference for a newsletter, adapts to your needs. It’s not just a tool; it’s a versatile assistant that enhances how you interact with and utilize media content.

Looking Ahead

As AI continues to evolve, stands at the forefront, promising to expand its capabilities and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Its potential to streamline complex content creation processes and make them accessible to a wider audience is immense.

In summary, if you're looking to elevate your content creation game and streamline your digital workflows, is worth exploring. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have revolutionized their content strategies with this exemplary tool. Dive into the details and see for yourself how it can transform your media into engaging content effortlessly. - Do more Faster with 1-Click AI lets you chat with GPT-4, Claude 3, Gemini 1.5. You can also perfect your writing anywhere, save 90% of your reading & watching time with AI summary, and reply 10x faster on email & social media.


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • Would you like your AI to Go? An Apple AI a day keeps the Client-Server-via API architecture away? 🍎: Apple's Open Source AI, OpenELM: Apple introduces OpenELM, a series of small open-source AI models designed to efficiently perform text generation tasks directly on devices, bypassing the need for cloud connectivity. This marks a strategic move for Apple, furthering the trend of portable, on-device AI in line with competitors like Google and Microsoft. Read more on VentureBeat

  • CISO Concerns on Generative AI: A new survey from Metomic highlights that 72% of U.S. CISOs are worried that generative AI solutions could lead to security breaches. This concern is fueled by fears of sensitive company data being used to train large language models, which poses significant risk management challenges. Read more on BusinessWire

  • Robo Taxis in China! Fresh from the Beijing Auto Show, a collaboration between and Toyota has hatched an increasingly larger service radius for autonomous, self-driving cars! Check it out!

  • Connecticut AI Legislation: Despite opposition from Governor Lamont, Senate Democrats in Connecticut have successfully passed a significant AI regulation bill. The legislation aims to address the pressing ethical, privacy, and security concerns surrounding artificial intelligence technologies, emphasizing stringent governance to navigate this evolving field. Read more on Connecticut Public

Raises Recap

  • AiDash's Series C Funding Milestone - AiDash, a leading AI and SaaS company, has raised a robust $58.5 million in Series C funding, fueling its ambitious expansion in the utility and energy sectors with its AI-driven satellite technology. This capital boost marks a significant milestone in AiDash's journey towards enhancing operational efficiencies and sustainability for its clients. Read more on Startup Story

  • EY's Strategic Acquisition of Nuvalence - Ernst & Young's strategic acquisition of the AI tech consultancy Nuvalence underscores its commitment to enhancing its digital transformation capabilities. This move is set to bolster EY's consultancy services, integrating Nuvalence's cutting-edge AI technologies to offer more comprehensive solutions to its clients. Read more on The Middle Market

  • Thoma Bravo's Major Acquisition of Darktrace - In a strategic expansion of its cybersecurity portfolio, Thoma Bravo is set to acquire Darktrace for $5.32 billion, showcasing confidence in the growing cybersecurity sector. This acquisition aligns with Thoma Bravo's focus on investing in technology sectors with substantial growth potential. Read more on Channel Futures


"One More Time"

- Daft Punk

Tech does it again to prove me wrong, and I liked it!

A few issues ago mentioned I didn't want to touch Video Generation as part of our Friday product spotlights because I knew that in some ways it still lacked a commercial grade of refinement. I’ve been proven wrong about 28 hours ago.

Spot anything weird with this music video? Yes, it’s definitely eclectic, but it’s also Paul Trillo’s editing latest piece… entirely “filmed” with AI. That’s right, Open AI’s Sora was the chief actor in this entire music video.

We have made it to a point in tech where this is entirely text-to Video generated, then cut-edited into a sequence. Is that not amazing?!

This week, I’ve discovered that while Generative AI may have started crawling its way out of the uncanny valley, there’s still much more work to do on other parts of the AI-Modifying Videos spectrum.

We haven’t had one of these for a while, so here’s an author’s tangent!


I tried to get this week’s Product of the week to continue on that train of thought. We were almost there folks. Let me tell you about my journey:

  • I started experimenting with AI-Voice dubbing/Video-editing products that help scale sales & support teams’ efforts.

  • I explored over 9 different solutions in the space in the hopes of finding you 1 worth showcasing. Well that wasn't the case!

  • So far, I'd seen many flavors of AI avatar products but that wasn’t quite hitting the mark. While these solutions address a similar problem, they present some issues for seamless handoffs between an avatar and a real human. 

    • Technical note: The avatar solutions skip certain tech problems that make delivering consistent results somewhat easier to solve

  • Once I got to those who were advertising their tech as video-editing capable, I came to see that they sold their products ina very black-boxed manner; Pay first, or suffer the annoyance of a non-actionable demo with near 0 functionality available to try.

  • For those who did have free trials, e.g. BHuman - I’m looking at you 👀, the usage experience made me grit my teeth significantly. While some business greats have hailed it, I found myself rubbing against:

    • Context unaware chatbots who kept to voice notes as responses,

    • A rigid and frankly unhelpful onboarding experience - The tutorial focused on all the wrong things to help individuals get oriented with the product.

    • Once I finally got to using the product, the interface prompted me to do a series of tasks, which I did according to their specifications, only to discover that the results weren’t happening. It seems that the models and some parts of the interface just couldn’t get it together.

    • As Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So after redoing these tasks according to specifications a few more times, I simply gave up.

  • Closing Remarks: 

    • Now you know a bit more of the behind the scenes involved with 1 instance of testing behind the AI-Product results.

    • I'd love to hear if you enjoyed this “diary of the AI Product Report”-style segment. If you do, I'll see to sharing more of these with you.

    • I truly hope BHuman manages to bring their tech & user experience back on track, because I do still believe their product vision holds quite a bit of promise. Because I’ve spotted a competitor on the rise, whose Alpha release is quite put together - Salesmaker.

Stay well, and until next week.

-✌🏽 Sam

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