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A Meta-analysis research paper in 30 minutes!

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After reviewing dozens of AI-powered products, here’s my top pick!

Check out the sweet find that’s perfect for students and researchers especially with graduation season just around the corner. it’s RikiGPT, a tool that's pushing boundaries in already controversial spaces - academic papers. 📝🤓

Snagged from RikiGPT’s website.

Unleashing the Power of AI in Academia

We all know GenAI’s use in academia has been particularly controversial these past years, considering issues of academic integrity and the validity of AI-generated claims. However, RikiGPT stands out by addressing these concerns head-on. This piece of tech doesn’t just churn out content; it fact-checks, using peer reviewed academic papers as a basis for the claims it makes. That’s a significant jump past the GPT4s, and Geminis of the world since they’re reliant on search engines for finding their sources to validate their claims.

So I Tested RikiGPT’s Thesis With A Thesis!

I kicked the tires on this machine with a thesis topic that’s pretty relevant to our current global course: AI’s explosive impact on humanity reaching its sustainability targets. This AI beauty helped me write a comprehensive, well-researched paper in just under half an hour; from inception to delivery.

See the results for yourselves! Check out the article written for me by RikiGPT here in this Google Doc.

After giving it the basics, I had RikiGPT hand me their thesis outlines for approval.

Bridging the Gap in Intersectional Research

One of the biggest advantages of RikiGPT is its potential - to draw holistic conclusions by intersectional research. By analyzing data from various academic sources, it can paint an interesting holistic view of a topic of study, that would otherwise be hard to frame if approaching it from nothing. This can quite literally open up new angles of study opening the way for enabling researchers to start addressing complex, interwoven issues more effectively.

As I see it, RikiGPT definitely kicks open a door for broader strokes in publishing conclusions backed by science. This tool isn’t just for writing papers; it’s for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in academic publishing.

Constantly Evolving for Academic Excellence

Having spent some time in academic circles, I’d be very curious to see how often RikiGPT gets updated with newer published papers, erratum on known publications and such. This feature would be crucial to the relevance of this product because, as we all know, scientists love to debate who’s more correct. So keeping things up to date is a growth challenge to be contended with.

Another point of evolution that’s worth considering is how RikiGPT handles the inclusion of contradictory research conclusions. Does it provide consistently moderate, mediated positions that acknowledge the debate unfolding? does it dig into the intricacies of the testing methodologies of each paper to weigh which was more relevant to support (or oppose) the prompted thesis? Can it outline opposing theses and discoveries in a “future work section” to give researchers a headstart on the human element required to finish this publishing? All good questions for the future of this product.


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • .Georgetown News - OpenAI vs. Scarlett Johansson: This article discusses a hypothetical legal battle between OpenAI and Scarlett Johansson over the use of AI to mimic celebrity voices without consent. It explores the ethical and legal implications of such technology in the entertainment industry​ (Ask a Professor - Georgetown University, Department of Linguistics)​.

  • UNESCO and LG's AI Ethics Course: UNESCO and LG are collaborating to develop a global MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on the ethics of artificial intelligence. This initiative aims to educate a wide audience about the ethical considerations necessary when developing and implementing AI technologies.

  • Kumo AI's 🕷 New Snowflake App ❄: Kumo AI has launched a new app native to the Snowflake Marketplace. This app enhances data analytics capabilities by leveraging Snowflake's cloud data platform, aiming to improve business intelligence and decision-making processes.

  • SoulDeep's AI Companionship Platform: SoulDeep has introduced a new AI companionship platform designed to address global loneliness. The platform uses AI to create virtual companions that can interact with users, providing company and alleviating feelings of isolation.

    • Are there other tech intermediaries that were missed along the way? Absolutely.

    • What’s your take on this? Is this a social problem that’s worth tackling in this way?

  • Clarifai's Enterprise AI Guide: Clarifai has released a comprehensive guide to help enterprises operationalize and scale AI. The guide covers various aspects of implementing AI in business operations to enhance efficiency and innovation. Check it out

  • AI Brand Reputation and Compliance Risks: TrustArc's annual global privacy survey highlights the top risks associated with AI in brand reputation and compliance. The report suggests strategies for organizations to navigate the complexities of AI integration while maintaining privacy standards. Read More

Raises Recap

  • Cloudera Acquires Verta: Cloudera has made a strategic move by acquiring Verta, an operational AI platform. This acquisition will bolster Cloudera's capabilities in AI and machine learning, enabling it to deliver enhanced data analytics and management solutions to its customers​ (Read more here)​.

  • Cisco's $1 Billion Dollar Investment: Cisco is diving deeper into the AI sector with a hefty $1 billion investment. This initiative is part of their broader strategy to become a major player in AI, hoping to capture new markets and push technological boundaries further​ (Yahoo Finance)​.

  • Dean Drako Acquires Cobalt AI: Dean Drako, a prominent figure in the tech industry, has acquired Cobalt AI, a company known for its advanced AI solutions for security systems. This acquisition is likely to enhance Cobalt's offerings and expand its reach in the AI-driven security market​ (Security System News)​.


This article addresses the challenges of AI bias in advertising and discusses strategies to mitigate its impact. It emphasizes the importance of ethical AI practices to ensure fairness and accuracy in targeted advertising. Things get dicey quickly if advertisers are not taking enough time to vet their content, or better yet, aren’t continuously remaining creative in their works.

Stay well, and until next week.

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