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Hey hey, Happy Friday!

I’m off to San Diego this weekend to meet up with some good friends from high school. Very excited for the tacos and margs.

I reviewed and tested a bunch of newly launched AI products this week and to be honest there wasn’t one that was a clear standout to me to be my “product of the week.” But I did find a couple that are still worth your time!

In this week’s issue:

  • A Chrome plugin that gives you some nice GPT powers

  • A Slack sidekick to help your team write those pesky status updates

  • Plus, a recommended read on whether AI will accelerate economic growth


Two AI products that are worth your time.

Kome: Enhance your online experience with this browser extension. Kome is an AI-powered browser extension that can summarize the content of a webpage and enables you to bookmark content within a page, such as a specific paragraph or quote. What’s neat is that the AI can leverage your bookmarks to compose an email or write a document. I could see this being especially useful if you are doing a lot of research on a given topic. When I added the extension to Chrome I got a warning “Proceed with caution: This extension is not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing.” It gave me pause, but this usually pops up for plugins from new developers as it takes a few months to be reviewed and approved by Chrome...or it’s a hacker genius. I’ll report back in a few weeks if my life has been unraveled by Kome.

AI Sidekick: Help your team identify blockers and avoid burnout. To be fair I haven’t actually tested this product since I no longer work on a software team, but after reviewing the demo it does look like a promising Slack bot. This GPT-powered Slack assistant helps manage your team’s daily standups. But unlike the countless other standup Slack bots, this one enables you as a manager or team leader to chat with the bot and ask it to write those project updates or alert you to any blockers you need to address. AI Sidekick will scan all of the status updates and answer any questions you have. I like that they are trying to remove the need for individuals on teams to continuously have to write status updates for various people.


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

Apple had their annual conference where they promote the new and innovative products and software they will be releasing throughout the following year. Interestingly there was no mention of the word “AI.” I highly recommend Marques Brownlee’s video that walks through Apple’s new VR headset.

Google has been rolling out access to it’s AI search engine. I got access last week and it’s been generating AI summaries for a variety of searches. For the most part, it’s been nice to have a quick almost wikipedia like overview on the topic before I dive deeper into specific search results. Join the waitlist here.

Zoom has begun to roll out “Zoom IQ.” Now hosts can send out AI generated summaries of the meetings you’ve missed.

Marc Andreessen, famous for creating one of the first internet browsers (NetScape), leading an influential VC firm (Andreessen Horowitz), and his correct prediction in 2011 that “software would eat the world,” is going all in on AI with another prediction: “Why AI Will Save the World.”

Instagram might be working on an AI chatbot. Hopefully it’s a lot better than Snap’s failed attempt.


If you only read one thing this week let it be this.

Could AI Accelerate Economic Growth? by Tom Davidson

"What will happen to economic growth once AI has made us all obsolete? Economists are often skeptical of big effects. One reason they give is that new technologies typically don’t accelerate economic growth. Instead, they typically cause a one-time gain in economic output, and then growth continues at its normal rate. For example, Bryan Caplan, an econ prof at GMU, recently tweeted: ‘Tech moved 10x faster than I expected in the last year. Economic effects will be modest & gradual. Even electricity took decades to make a huge difference. What I doubt is that any one new tech will raise growth by even 1 percentage-point per year.‘ This dynamic has played out over the past 50 years. We developed computers and the internet, but economic growth didn’t speed up, and if anything it got slower..." PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE


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