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Welcome to the product (design accelerator) of the week, Uizard!

This AI-powered product Uizard is setting new standards in the app prototyping arena by enabling users to transform basic English instructions into sophisticated, interactive prototypes. This goes well past just a “Prompt & Go” scenario. The approach pulled together by Uizard simplifies the initial stages of app interface design & development, and gets a lot of the fundamentals out of the way, in order for designers (seasoned or not) to focus on the value add of their experiential design.

The usage experience: if you can pull together a 1-page document describing your app’s desired user experience, value proposition, summarize its functions, and such, Uizard will handle much of the lifting afterward to produce a clickable prototype. Tweaks are as easy as the now defunct Adobe XD, and in terms of use cases, Uizard is a non-negligible competitor to established leaders like Figma.

2 sentences and 3 clicks later, here’s the shell for a local business exploration app!

Diving deeper into the 1-to1 between Figma & Uizard, the newcomer delivers more effectively than Figma at times thanks to its AI-powered features, enabling faster turnarounds, and most importantly, thanks to its better scoping of use cases. This deliberate specialization from its creators offers a more tailored UI design experience that can meet the needs of various projects more effectively than one-size-fits-all solutions.

Beyond its core prototyping capabilities, Uizard is a hub for collaborative creativity. It carries real-time collaboration features that allows design teams to work together with less friction, and demonstrate their work more clearly to stakeholders. This synergy not only speeds up the design process but also enhances the overall quality of the projects.

But wait, there’s more: Uizard exports to React.js!

For the non technical folks in the audience, this means that after designing visually what you think fits your purposes, you can export it directly to code. Design no longer lives in a vacuum from the dev teams. With Uizard, it means devs pick up right from where you, the AI-enhanced designer left off, rather than scratching their heads and staring at your prototype.

Currently, Uizard's export options are primarily geared towards React.js, but the horizon is broadening. The potential for expansion into other frameworks and tools is vast, suggesting that Uizard will continue to evolve and cater to a growing range of developers and designers.

The future of Uizard looks promising as it paves the way for more dynamic and inclusive design practices. As this platform expands its capabilities, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in helping get new ideas to market faster. Join the wave of innovation and see where Uizard can take your next project!


The Drum’s recent article sets the marching orders on working with an AI Vendor! In this article, there are some key questions to ask, your vendor or yourself from a business standpoint when you are being faced with an AI vendor & looking to implement the tech.


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • Automotive Engineering is getting the AI treatment. SimScale has announced brand new features around R&D optimization by the use of AI in its simulation suite. Mechanical and thermal analyses are on the table, and much more are now integrated with generative design features and workflow optimization AI. Expect the formal launch at the World Congress Experience next week in Detroit, Michigan.  

  • So remember those sketchy reddit comments you made 10 years ago? Well they just might be making their way to Google’s training datasets with this new deal. Reddit Content = Google Training Data.

  • xAI (Elon Musk’s AI firm)’s first open-sourced product, Grok, is raising some concerns around its lack of censorship given its recent failure of jailbreak tests on safety & sensitive content controls.

  • The United Nations General Assembly is working on a draft resolution for regulation around artificial intelligence systems as a means of merging this fantastic technology to global sustainability and inclusive development goals.

    Raises & Mergers Recap!

  • Asset management and credit tech meets FinTech AI. That’s what to expect from the Linedata and DreamQuark merger that has been announced as of April 8th!

  • News from Canada: The Canadian government has announced a pledge of 2.4 billion dollars in boosting AI-related job creation and development as part of their 2024 budget.

  • Fresh from the article itself “Scavenger works as a company’s personal AI business consultant, performing data analysis and providing answers to critical business problems in seconds.” Not much else to say other than... Well… 11 Million Euro seems like a great raise for this German company!

  • Asia’s VC's’ propensity to invest in 2024’s Q1 seems to have had a difficult time! Crunchbase explains the situation around the funding struggle.


Early Q4 2024 San Francisco will have quite the event to host!

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