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A new generation of Silicon Valley designers is racing to build AI’s next big thing

Plus: my product of the week is a data-driven AI prospecting, enrichment & personalization tool

A weekly newsletter that highlights new and innovative AI products that are worth exploring.

Hi all!

AI Product Report got a shoutout in an excellent Fast Company article this week! Cool to see my little newsletter mentioned in a big kid publication like Fast Company. The article is my recommended read of the week.

In this week’s issue:

  • Data-driven AI prospecting, enrichment & personalization

  • Extract data from any website and turn it into a spreadsheet or an API with no-code

  • Save time editing your video footage

  • OpenAI making moves by acquiring an AI design studio

  • Plus, a recommended read on the new generation shaping the future of AI


After testing dozens of new AI products this week. Here’s my top pick.

Clay: Data-driven AI prospecting, enrichment & personalization

Clay is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the sales process by enhancing the way you can find companies and people, verify contact information, and craft personalized email sequences. It launched about a year and a half ago, but they’ve recently released a set of AI features.

Although Clay has positioned itself as a tool for sales teams, let's face it: even if your job title isn't Account Executive, we are all salespeople in our own way. I could see someone using Clay to find their next job, improve their professional network, or as a personal crm to stay in touch with old friends.

Clay is essentially a spreadsheet that is connected to various data sources and AI. Input a list of prospects' names and their company names, and Clay will find their email addresses, recent LinkedIn posts, recent company news, and more.

The addition of AI capabilities allows you to make data inferences. For example, it can analyze a company website to determine if it's a SaaS company or if it contains specific keywords. You can also use AI to clean data with plain English formulas or generate personalized emails based on the data you've pulled into Clay.

A great way of using AI to become more effective at reaching out to people.


Two more AI products that are worth your time.

BrowseAI: Monitor or extract data from any website. BrowseAI lets you train a bot to do a task on the internet — no coding required. It offers features such as data extraction and monitoring, scheduling, and notifications. I love how simple it is to set one of these bots up. BrowseAI also provides prebuilt robots for popular use cases, such as tracking competitor pricing and promotions or collecting stock prices, financial reports, or other relevant data to support investment decisions. Full list of their popular use cases here. Hat tip to Addison for sending this one to me.

Gling: Save time editing your video footage. I love how Gling is using AI to tackle a painful problem. If you need to edit a video of someone speaking to the camera, Gling can automatically identify and remove silences and unwanted takes from the raw footage. It transcribes the video and determines what to edit out, which is pretty cool. Then, it gives you a transcript of the video, showing you where it made edits. You can continue to remove sections or undo edits it made. I find it much quicker to make these changes in text form, rather than re-watching every second of the raw footage. The best part is that you can export the Gling-ified video to your video editing software and make further adjustments if needed. I used it for another one of my projects, and within minutes, it had trimmed 20 minutes of raw footage down to just 5 minutes. All-in-all a great use of AI. Watch this video to see it in action.

Editing videos with Gling


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

Google is evaluating tools that offer life advice, something that some of its researchers have said should be avoided. 😬

OpenAI acquired AI design studio Global Illumination. This move suggests that OpenAI is interested in developing improved consumer applications, rather than solely focusing on building an API business.

Amazon announced that it will begin to leverage generative AI to help customers better understand what customers are saying about a product. Although, I’m still going to go ahead read all of the 1-star reviews before buying. Does anyone else do this?

OpenAI has announced that it is using GPT-4 to moderate content and has recommended that other platforms also use its API for this purpose. In response, Casey Newton of Platformer asked moderation experts to weigh in.

Google Chrome will soon be able to summarize entire articles for you with built-in generative AI. Rolling out on iOS and Android first.

Turns out bots are better at beating ‘are you a robot?’ reCAPTCHA tests than humans are. 😭


If you only read one thing this week let it be this.

A new generation of Silicon Valley designers is racing to build AI’s next big thing by Mark Wilson

"The bartender pouring free drinks glances around with nothing to do as the raucous room full of startup founders and software developers gravitates toward its preferred drug: networking. Chardonnay and charcuterie are no competition in a world upended by generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Midjourney. We’re about eight months into the AI revolution, and this invite-only happy hour hosted by venture firm NFX in its offices in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco may well be its epicenter. The firm is arguably the most prominent investor in generative AI, and it’s looking to find fresh talent worthy of some of its $150 million seed fund. General partner James Currier observes the frenzy from a quiet adjoining room with a jaded eye. He estimates that he’s already met with 200 AI startups, the majority of which still don’t seem to get it. The technology is ready. It’s been ready. What’s missing is the point of view to transform it into the earth-rocking endgame of software as we know it..." FAST COMPANY

Until next week!

-✌🏻 Tyler

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