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In Other News: Another Case Of - "We Were Just Talking About Them!" and AI Fisheries?

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⚠ No Product of the Week this week! ⚠

I’m sorry for the late-and bad- surprise.

As you know the AI Product Report is something I’ve been running for free for all of you with essentially no breaks. Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my week, I’ve been unable to deliver on my commitment this week to you all.

When I took over from Tyler, my plan was always to stay as transparent as possible around any changes I made to the publishing schedule, and I want to continue to do good on that moving forward.

Expect me back in full force next week.


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • Would you entrust critical parts of your business fundamentals to AI? StartupOS is wagering that yes! They’ve launched a chatbot that can help you with numbe rof business focused tasks. I’m quite curious to see what kinds of differentiation they carry against other business consulting AI SaaS that indies have been launching these past months. Worth the hype or not? Only time will tell.

  • Do I smell an oncoming pivot in mission & vision? More like a broadening of their value prop… I had just brought them up last week! Coveo is up and at ‘em with a full suite of Gen AI experience enhancement tools!

  • CompTIA, better known as a huge certification player in Cybersecurity education for industries of all sizes, has pulled out a new training program focused on ensuring that cyber security pros stay up to speed with many AI-related developments in their respective fields!

  • We have more privacy innovations launching! TrustArc is bringing Responsible AI Certification and NymityAI to market! They’ll be distributing tech focused on empowering businesses with ethical AI frameworks and supercharging privacy research with AI-driven efficiency. With their mission to “simplifies the creation of end-to-end privacy management programs for global organizations” there’s many eyes on TrustArc’s new offerings to deliver.

    Raises & Mergers Recap!

  • An interesting vertical integration play is coming from Indonesia this week with eFishery, an aquaculture firm is in the process of entirely acquiring the operations of DycodeX, and is looking to bring a swathe of AI-powered fisheries solutions to market. I do expect to hear from them, again, considering their positioning hints to moves of interest in both our space, and in an interesting segment of the global food-chain.

  • Singaporean CyberSec & AI-powered digital investigation company, StealthMole, has landed a 7 Million dollar Series A raise from a round led by South Korean venture fund!

  • Andretti has wrapped up a combination with Zapata AI! It’s industrial grade LLMs being joined with Andretti’s capital, and means of Automotive industry plays. The Formula 1 fan in me can’t help but comment that Andretti is having much more luck breaking into the AI space and making huge waves in their stock listings than entering the paddocks.


A short though piece published on FastCompany about the management of AI ethics through establishing review boards and processes aimed at ensuring responsible innovation and incorporating diverse perspectives to assess and mitigate risks in AI technology development.. have a read for yourselves!

Stay well, and until next week.

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