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Happy Friday! We’re back for another Product of the Week, but first! a little surprise!

LIVE Schedule Changes!

This is the first week of our new format! You'll still get the awesome "Product of the Week" every Friday (right on schedule, Eastern Time). But now you’ll notice I’ve added in Wednesdays as a dedicated release for the news recaps. This way, every release can stay packed with info while becoming easier to read.

Stay tuned and thanks let me know of other changes you want to see!


📍🎙️ The Product Report is doing on location coverage! 🎙️📍

Photo Creds: StartupFest Organisers, Embrase Inc.

I'll be attending StartupFest 2024 in Montreal in a few weeks! As part of my coverage for The AI Product Report, I'll be writing you a comprehensive post-event feature article (not interrupting your usual News however), giving you an inside look into one of the most exciting startup events of the year.

What is StartupFest and why should you care? Well its an awesome conference assembling Venture Capitalists, Founders, Members of the Media and other players in the Canadian Tech scene. This is going to be 3 days of pitch competitions, demos, networking and more - so for anything AI related you know I’ll be getting you things as fresh off the press as I possibly can. Especially you, dear international readers!

Stay tuned for exclusive insights of what StartupFest is all about!


After reviewing dozens of AI-powered products, here’s my top pick!

This Week's Product of the Week: Travel Buddy AI 🌍

Hey travelers! Ready for your next adventure? This week, we're diving into Travel Buddy AI, an app that's making waves in the travel community. It's available for free on both iOS and Android, and you get up to three prompts a day to start planning your trips. 🗺️✨

Straight to the Point
Right out of the gates, Travel Buddy AI is all about functionality. From the moment you install it, you're greeted with a chatbot interface—no unnecessary glitz or glam. It's all raw value. No sign-ins or paywalls until you see what it can do. Talk about user-friendly! 👏

Mobile-Only Gem
Designed exclusively for mobile, this app is perfect for figuring out what to do at your destination. While it doesn’t book flights, stays, or activities, it shines as a reliable itinerary planner. Whether you're exploring a new city or planning a weekend getaway, Travel Buddy AI has got your back. 📱

Have a quick read at what the results looked like!

A Potential Play?
Our friends over at AiRial (https://airial.travel/) might want to take note! There’s definitely a conversation worth having between these two teams. Imagine the possibilities if they joined forces! 🤯

Impressive Updates and Refresh Rates
What really caught our attention was how well Travel Buddy AI processes the information you provide. It's like interacting with a powerful language model, but the responses are always backed by credible travel sites and recent sources. It's efficient and trustworthy—two things we love in a travel app. 🚀

So, next time you're planning a trip, give Travel Buddy AI a try. It’s all about making your travel planning as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Happy travels! 🌟✈️


And so Goliath arrived in earnest. NVIDIA appears in the LLM space with a whole family of hyper advanced models. This “talk about the new Nemotron model from Nvidia and how it goes beyond just one model to be(ing) a whole family of models that allows you to make endless amounts of free synthetic data to train your own language models”. Is fascinating for numerous implementations. I’m still reeling a bit at the potential for use here.

Mind you these are particularly heavy to run on your own hardware so you’d almost be better off renting some GPUs to make it all make sense (see what they did there?) Truthfully, this new family is going to be most beneficial for enterprise users that have extreme privacy needs. Exciting stuff though! 🤩 

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