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Plus: why ChatGPT's new "function calling" is a big deal

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Hi all!

Can you believe it hasn’t even been 7 months since OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public and poured gasoline on the tech world’s enthusiasm for AI?? It took Instagram, once viewed by many as the pinnacle of a fast growing consumer app, 2.5 months to reach 1 million users. ChatGPT hit the 1 million mark in just F-I-V-E days. Wild. Is the next consumer app to be crowned the fasted growing app going to hit 1 million users in less than 24 hours?

In this week’s issue:

  • ClickUP’s AI assistant is my product of the week

  • AI-generated Choose Your Own Adventure stories for kids

  • My favorite ChatGPT prompts in one Notion doc

  • Plus, a recommended read on why ChatGPT’s new “function calling” is a big deal


After testing dozens of new AI products this week. Here’s my top pick.

ClickUp AI: An AI-powered assistant tailored to your role.

ClickUp is a San Diego based startup that was founded in 2017 and has raised $537m over the past 6 years to build an all-in-one productivity platform for teams. It’s a popular tool, but not as popular as it’s biggest competitors Asana or Notion.

This week, ClickUp released their AI integration, and I'm impressed with what they've built. While at first glance it looks very similar to Notion's AI integration, ClickUp shines because they've introduced a variety of AI templates (or prompts) that are tailored to the different roles on a team. This means that the experience of someone on the marketing team will be different from someone on the engineering team. By tailoring their AI's recommended prompts to specific roles, they have created a much more useful AI tool. Essentially, ClickUp's AI is a copilot for just about any type of role in a modern technology company.


Two more AI products that are worth your time.

Anansi: AI-generated stories meets “Choose Your Own Adventure.” This AI product is different from typical productivity-related ones. Anansi is a great example of how to leverage generative AI to create a delightful product. While there are other products that promise “AI generated stories for kids,” most are very basic — just coat of paint on the ChatGPT interface — and spit out a single story. Anansi, on the other hand, leverages the storytelling mechanism we all loved from the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when we were young. To start, your child can choose the story type, what to bring in their backpack, and who they want their companion to be. Anansi then creates a story with excellent imagery and in bite-sized chunks, allowing your child to choose how the character should act and how the story proceeds. It's currently in a private waitlist, but if you have kids in your life, I highly recommend joining the waitlist. I’d love to see them eventually offer a print version of the story that my kid creates.

My favorite ChatGPT prompts. Instead of highlighting another AI product this week, I’m sharing a Notion doc where I keep a running list of my favorite LLM prompts (14 and counting…). I find these prompts to be some of the most helpful ways to get the most out of a LLM like ChatGPT. Feel free to use and share them. If you find one to be particularly useful or want to share one of your own with me, reply to this email!


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

Dropbox introduces Dropbox Dash, an AI-powered universal search that connects all of your tools, content, and apps in a single search bar. It goes beyond Dropbox docs by connecting to major platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more. They also announced a $50m fund to invest in AI startups 💰💰💰

Microsoft partnered with Omnicom (the largest brand and advertising agency in the world) to develop a virtual assistant to help ad agency employees with tasks across the advertising process such as building media plans and target ad audiences.

Mayday, an AI assistant calendar app, that I featured back in April has added some great new features, including AI-Scheduled Tasks which uses AI to determine the ideal time to schedule your tasks and automatically blocks that time in your calendar.

ElevenLabs has raised a $19m Series A to continue building generative voice AI products. Their flagship product enables you turn text into speech using synthetic voices, cloned voices, or by creating entirely new artificial voices that can be tailored according to gender, age, and accent preferences. RIP audiobook narrators.

Seems like Figma (a widely used design tool) was getting nervous about losing market share to the fast pace of AI startups building generative AI tools for designers. They announced that they acquired Diagram, one of the leading AI design tools.

Wired did a deep dive on how Pixar used AI in their most recent film, Elemental. “It’s harder to make fire than you might think. But the Pixar team was determined to do the impossible…”

AI is helping architects change workplace design. With more hybrid workers and new office needs, firms are turning to AI for solutions.


If you only read one thing this week let it be this.

GPT-4 Can Use Tools Now — That’s a Big Deal by Dan Shipper

"Human children come out of the womb totally helpless except in one important way: they know how to use their parents as tools. Infant tool use is quite blunt at first: they cry loudly and incessantly whenever there’s a problem: ‘HUNGRY’, ‘DIRTYY DIAPER!!!!’, ‘TIREEDDD!!!!’, and so on. They keep crying until their parent adequately diagnoses and resolves the issue through trial and error. As they get older, however, children ditch these crude initial methods and instead use language to skillfully manipulate their parents in ever more targeted and precise ways. Rather than simply becoming totally unconsolable because they see someone eating a cookie and want one for themselves they can now specify in precise language exactly what they want..." CHAIN OF THOUGHT


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