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Hi Folks, as mentioned in the past few weeks, the exciting day has come!

I’m at StartupFest 2024 this week, so no Product of the week this time around.

Stay hyped, because next week will have as much coverage of this international event as I can ON TOP of your usual news roundup, and Product of the Week!


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • AI Can Start To Talk The Talk! - There’s big progress for adapting language models! LLM’s best expansion pack has just dropped! Why should you care? Because the simplicity of delivering production-ready language models that are a better fit for industries will lead to leaps and bounds of industrial applications….if this works as well as its promised to. I want to try it, so I wonder how I’ll get keys to this… (Article in question)

  • Designing With Less Barriers - Wonderful read on this article from the design angle and how AI plays into software design loops. Believe it or not, this is a Forbes piece! Read here

  • AI Is Shaking Up Assistive Tech - for disabled individuals, providing newfound independence and accessibility. Tools like Be My Eyes and Google's Lookout are empowering the visually impaired, while AI-powered voice recognition and translation are improving communication for those with speech disabilities.

    Check out the full article here.

  • AI’s Moment of Disillusionment - Infoworld discusses the growing pains and disillusionment in the AI industry, highlighting both the hype and the reality. Curious about the state of AI? Read more here.

  • China’s Top AI Models Battle It Out - Chinese AI giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and ByteDance are competing fiercely with their AI models. Check out the article here.

    I’m feeling quite mixed impressions from this article.

    On one side, I’m happy to see more motion towards prompt-to-AI video generation for some out of this world visuals, and yet, on the other I was somewhat hoping for more from the article’s picks.

    Of the recent years, the line between Chinese innovation and American innovation has often had its push and pull as the political spheres of influence wrestle, and what this article is really saying is that China’s industrial response to the American market competition (GPT, Anthropic, Grok, LLaMa, and all the other LLM flavors hitting the scene) is just a repeat of the same table stakes.

    What I gather is that regardless of where you are, LLMs are a sort of rite of passage into cooler AI concepts that are more adjusted for humanity.

  • How AI is Playing a Key Role in Purchase Decisions - Diginomica explores how AI is influencing purchase decisions and the design choices on vendor websites. Get insights into the B2C and B2B impacts here.

    This article presents an interesting take on the state of AI Solution procurement. Mind you, I think there’s a point here to be made; beyond the intensification of the “let me give you less until you give me your email” chains on vendor websites, I also suspect that some of the competition for user & decision-maker attention on a B2C level has a bleeding effect into design choices made by vendor-side & procurement reviews made.

Raises Recap

  • Psst, if you’re a founder, you should know: 

  • Myricx Bio Raises £90M for ADC Therapeutics

    Myricx Bio secured £90M in Series A funding to advance its innovative NMTi-ADC therapeutics into clinical development. This major financing round, co-led by Novo Holdings and Abingworth, positions Myricx to significantly impact cancer therapy with its novel ADC platform.

    Get the full story here.

  • K Health Raises $50M for AI-Driven Primary Care Platform - at a $900 million valuation. This platform uses medical chat and AI predictive models to enhance diagnosis and treatment for millions in the U.S. through health systems and a consumer app. Want the full scoop? Check it out here.

  • Exiger Leads Market with Versed AI Acquisition - Exiger’s acquisition of Versed AI marks a significant step in enhancing multi-tier visibility in the market. Discover how this move positions them ahead here.

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