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  1. Tonight! I'll be attending the Startup AI Quebec-Korea AI Startup Day , and I can't wait to dive into all the cutting-edge innovations and brilliant minds in the world of AI. This event is a fantastic opportunity to see how startups from Quebec and Korea are pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. I'll be there soaking up all the insights and networking with some of the brightest in the field.

    Stay tuned, because I'll be bringing you a full report on all the happenings and highlights this Friday.

    Trust me, you won't want to miss it! 🇨🇦 ❤️ 🇰🇷

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  2. The Countdown to StartupFest 2024 is on! – Don't forget, Just next week I'll be attending this awesome event! You can expect some disruption to our usual schedule and a detailed post-event feature article for The AI Product Report! This year’s event promises to be packed with inspiring keynote speakers, innovative AI-Powered startups, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Hold on to your inboxes, I’ll be keeping you in the know!


Some other notable news and product launches from this week

THIS IS A MASSIVE PET PEEVE OF MINE AND I’M REALLY HAPPY TO SEE SOMEONE ARTICULATE IT SO WELL! There has been an Industry Trend for most of the past 8 months where companies are pushing to make various implementations of AI as standalone products, rather than integrating it as a feature to targeted user problems. Obviously this ignites a debate on practical applications of AI versus making all kinds of tech available for others to actually implement it for real life use problems.
This article digs well into why this “AI-only” approach might be flawed? Read more here.

  • China AI Startups Head to Singapore to escape regulatory challenges and tap into the city-state's tech-friendly environment. Curious about this migration? Check it out here.

  • No Brakes on California Regulation! California is pushing forward with unique safety regulations for AI companies, aiming to set a new standard despite industry concerns. Want to see what’s at stake? Find out more here. and frankly, Google's rebuttal, “ 7 Principles for AI Regulation” aim to strike a more advantageous balance between innovation and safety. Interested in their approach? Learn more here.

  • Radiology Body Steps Up AI Protocols - A major radiology body in the USA is enhancing its AI protocols to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient care. Discover how they’re stepping up their game here.

  • Seems like everyone has a copilot these days….. Copilots in Modern SaaS: Simplifying User Journeys with AI

    The en masse advent of AI copilots is drastically transforming modern SaaS. User journeys and the overall experience is getting shaken up. Want to see how they’re making a difference? Check it out here.

  • Private Equity Funds Eye Startups as VCs Abandon Later-Stage Investing

    Private equity funds are stepping in as venture capitalists pull back from later-stage startup investing. Want to know what this shift means? Learn more here.

  • Why AI is Best Served at the Edge

    AI works best when processed at the edge, close to the data source, for faster and more efficient outcomes. Interested in the benefits? Find out more here.

  • How Edge Computing is Advancing Sustainability Across Industries

    Edge computing is boosting sustainability by reducing energy consumption and enhancing efficiency across various industries. Want to see how it’s done? Check it out here.

  • Amazon Hires Founders from Enterprise AI Startup Adept

    Amazon has recruited the founders of the well-funded enterprise AI startup Adept to strengthen its AGI team. Interested in what this means for Amazon's AI ambitions? Learn more here.

Raises Recap

  • Pieces Raises $13.5M in Series A Funding to advance its AI-powered health solutions. Want to know more about their next steps? Check it out here.

  • Rainforest Accelerates Growth with $20M Series A raise focusing on its AI-driven marketplace. Curious about their expansion plans? Read more here.

  • Chennai-Based Social Media Startup Pepul Raises $4M in Pre-Series A. Shoutout to my Indian readers! Check out the details here.

  • Edge AI Startup Axelera AI Raises $68M in Series B to advance its edge AI solutions. Want to see how they're pushing the boundaries? Read more here.

  • Robinhood Acquires AI-Driven Investment Advice Platform Pluto for investment advice, to enhance its service offerings. Interested in how this acquisition could benefit users? Learn more here.

  • SK Group Solidifies Their Plays making strategic moves to strengthen its investments and business strategies. Want to know what they're up to? Find out more here.

  • SkillHabit Acquired by TicTac Learn, aiming to enhance their learning and development platform. Curious about what this means for users? Check it out here.

TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL? 🤔 Schedule Changes!

Last week was our first format change! You're still getting the awesome "Product of the Week" every Friday (right on schedule, Eastern Time). But now, you’re also getting Wednesdays in there as a dedicated release for the news recaps. This way, every release can stay packed with info while being easier to read.

Not everyone is a fan of change so do let me know what you think!

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