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Some other notable news and product launches from this week

  • McKinsey’s Industry AI Products Deliver Value Across a Wide Range of Use Cases

    McKinsey’s AI products are making waves across various industries, offering innovative solutions tailored to diverse business needs. Curious about how AI is transforming different sectors? Discover more here.

  • Shopify Announces Embedded AI as Part of Summer 2024 Editions Product Updates

    Shopify is gearing up for a game-changing summer with embedded AI in their latest product updates, aiming to supercharge your e-commerce experience. Want to see what’s new? Check it out here.

  • Lenovo Partners with UAE Company on New Revolutionary AI Product

    Lenovo is teaming up with a UAE company to roll out a groundbreaking AI product that promises to shake up the tech scene. Get the scoop on this exciting partnership here.

  • Colorado’s Landmark AI Act

    Colorado is leading the way with its new AI Act, setting a precedent for AI regulation and ethical use. Curious about what this means for the future of AI? Learn more here.

  • AI Startups Rally Against California Bill

    AI startups in California are banding together to oppose a new bill they believe could stifle innovation. Want to know what’s at stake? Find out more here.

Raises Recap

  • Compredict Secures $15M Series B Funding Round Led by Woven Capital

    Compredict just snagged $15M in Series B funding, led by Woven Capital, to accelerate its AI-driven vehicle analytics. Get the full story here.

  • Prewave Raises $63M in Series B Funding for Supply Chain Risk Management

    Prewave has raised $63M in Series B funding to enhance its AI-based supply chain risk management platform. Interested in how they’re mitigating risks? Read more here.

  • Maxa Closes $21M Series A Financing Round

    Maxa has successfully closed a $21M Series A financing round, setting the stage for significant growth and innovation in its AI solutions. Discover what’s next for Maxa here.

  • Emergence AI Raises Major Funding to Enhance Office Worker Productivity

    Emergence AI is set to revolutionize office work with new funding aimed at boosting productivity through advanced AI solutions. Want to see how they’re transforming the workplace? Check it out here.

  • Zendesk Launches Venture Fund to Fuel AI Startups

    Zendesk is launching a venture fund to support and accelerate AI startups, aiming to drive the next wave of innovation. Learn how they’re fueling the future of AI here.

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